Repairing, modifying and refurbishing new and used hats

House of Hats is also the right place for repair, customisation or cleaning of hats.


Description Price – indication (€)
Stretch the hat / cap 7,50**
Reduce the size with hat size reducers 1,- / pc**
Make hat smaller with Grosgrain ribbon / elastic 22,50
Make a cap smaller 25,00
Make a leather band on the inside of the hat                                 50,00
New ribbon with bow around the hat 22,50
Clean / steam hat                                             25,00
Put the hat back into shape         25,00 / 40,00

 ** Free of Charge if the hat/cap is purchased at House of Hats

Even a torn panama or felt hat can, in some cases, be repaired.
When in doubt, sent a photo of the hat or visit the shop. I can assess what is possible and what the costs will be.